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Articles dans des revues scientifiques avec comité de lecture 

  • Abchir, M.A., & I. Truck, I. (sous presse). Towards an extension of the 2-tuple linguistic model to deal with unbalanced linguistic term sets. Kybernetika, Institute of Information Theory and Automation (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic).
  • Barcenilla, J. & Tijus, C. (2012). Ethical issues raised by the new orientations in ergonomics and living labs. Work, 41, 5259-5265
  • Ben Amor, S., & Bui, M. (2012, sous presse).  Complex System Approach in Modeling Airspace Congestion Dynamics, Journal of Air Transport Studies Vol 3, No 1 (January 2012)
  • Fornette M.P., Bardel MH, Lefrançois C., Fradin, J., El Massioui, F., Amalberti, R., (2012, sous-presse). Cognitive-adaptation training for improving performance and stress management of airforce pilots, IJAP, International Journal of Aviation Psychology.
  • Israël, I., & Giannopulu, I. (2012). Subjective posture in tridimensional space. Journal of Vestibular Research 22(4), pp.173-180.
  • Jouen, F., Sann, C., & Molina, M. (sous presse). Haptic Processing in Newborns of Depressed and Nondepressed Mothers. Developmental Psychiobiology, 
  • Lehalle, H., Ashkar, A., & Jiménez, T.I. (2012). La réflexion morale des adolescents : émotion, cognition ou socialisation ? Un peu les trois, non ?. Enfance (3) (Numéro spécial sur l’adolescence coordonné par Françoise Bariaud), pp.281-297.
  • Leveau, N., & Jhean-Larose, S., Denhière, G. & Nguyen, B. (sous presse). Validating an interlingual metanorm for emotional analysis of texts. . Behavior Research Methods.
  • Mégalakaki, O., Tijus, C., Baiche, R., & Poitrenaud, S. (2012, sous presse). The effect of semantics is to reduce relational complexity. Thinking & Reasoning,
  • Truck, I.,  & Malenfant, J. (sous presse). Towards a formalisation of the linguistic conditional preference networks. International Journal of Applied Management Science (IJAMS).
  • Vidal-Gomel, C., Boccara, V., Rogalski, J., & Delhomme, P. (2012) Sharing the driving-course of a same trainee between different trainers, what are the consequences? Work, 41(2); 205-215.
  • Zibetti, E., Chevalier, A., & Eyraud, R. (2012). What type of information displayed on digital scheduling software facilitates reflective planning tasks for students? Contributions to the design of a school task management tool. Computers in Human Behavior, 28, pp.591-607.

Articles dans des revues avec comité de lecture non répertoriés

  • Han, B., Tijus, C., Le Barillier, F., Ridoux, D. & Nadel, J. (sous presse). Perception visuelle du changement d’état des visages émotionnels et des objets fonctionnels chez les ASD et les enfants Typiques. Le Bulletin scientifique de l'ARAPI.

Chapitres d'ouvrages scientifiques

  • Abchir, M.A., Truck, I., &  Pappa, A. (sous presse). Fuzzy semantics in closed domain question answering.. Decision Analysis and Support in Disaster Management, Atlantis Press/Springer. 
  • Fouchal, S., & Lavallée, I.. (2012). Fast and flexible unsupervised clustering algorithm based on ultrametric properties. In the 7th ACM Symposium on QoS and Security for Wireless Mobile Networks, (accepté). 
  • Zimmermann, K., Pariès J., Amalberti, R. (2011). Distress call from the flight deck: Cross-Cultural survey of aviation professionals reveals perception that flight safety is decreasing, Safety Science Monitor, 2011, 15, 2, http://ssmon.chb.kth.se/vol15/issue2/index.php