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CHArt à l'honneur avec un article dans Nature (Scientific Reports)

Nos collègues Annabel PlepléIsabelle Carchon et François Jouen viennent de publier, avec d'autres chercheurs, un article dans Nature (Scientific Reports) intitulé Nutritional status and anxious and depressive symptoms in anorexia nervosa: a prospective study.
Félicitations à eux ! 
Résumé :
The interweaving of malnutrition and symptoms of anxiety and depression in anorexia Nervosa (AN) is mentioned without any consensus regarding the course of anxious-depressive symptoms in relation to nutritional status in the course of treatment of patients with AN. The objectives of the current study in a large sample of AN inpatients were to assess the relationships between anxiety and depression symptoms and nutritional status both over the course of inpatient treatment and at discharge. 222 consecutive inpatients with AN (DSM-IV TR) were assessed (entrance and discharge) for duration of illness, psychiatric treatments, sociodemographic data and with psychometric scales for different psychopathological symptoms [depressive (BDI), anxiety and depressive (HAD scale), obsessive–compulsive (MOCI) and social phobia (LSAS fear score)]. Nutritional status was assessed with Body Mass Index (BMI) and body composition by bioelectrical impedance. The Fat free mass index [FFMI = FFM (kg)/height (m2)] was considered for the analysis. Two models were developed where the dependent variables were each psychopathological score at discharge (BDI, HAD anxiety, MOCI, and LSAS fear) in the cross-sectional model, and their variation in the longitudinal model (where a positive score reflected symptom decrease at discharge). A fixed set of predictors, defined on presumed clinical and statistical relevance (FFMI in the cross-sectional model and Variation of FFMI in the longitudinal model), were considered in each model, without any model selection procedure. This is the first study to confirm a positive relationship between the course of eating disorder symptoms and that of anxious-depressive symptoms during inpatient treatment of AN even after adjustment on a vast array of possibly confounding factors.
A. Pleplé, C. Lalanne, C. Huas, L. Mattar, M. Hanachi, M. F. Flament, I. Carchon, F. Jouen, S. Berthoz & N. Godart. Nutritional status and anxious and depressive symptoms in anorexia nervosa: a prospective study, Scientific Reports volume 11, Article number: 771 (2021)