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Parution de The Making of Smart Things dans le Journal of Science and Innovation


L’article de Charles Tijus, Marie Rougeauxet Javier Barcenilla, intitulé The Making of Smart Things, a paru dans le Journal of Science and Innovation (Vol. 6, No. 1, June 2016, 41-45).

Résumé de l’article :

Smart Thingsare objects that are connected (IOT) and dedicated for making people daily life simpler. Because Smart Things are taking decision for people and, for doing so, have to be adapted to their users, they are made of cognitive technologies that are technologies that include knowledge about human and about human cognition in order to process the data users are providing when interacting with Smart Things. The problem under investigation is how to design future Smart Things through prospective ergonomics. Derived from the action-based theory of categorization applied to contextual decision-making, the theory we present is based on deriving inferences from the multi-layers of linked properties (surface, structural, functional, procedural and behavioral properties) for the on-line cognitive computing of usages of Smart Things with sensors. Some examples are provided, emphasizing the role of the part-whole relational structure in designing future Smart Things.