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Séminaire 19/01/2012

TitreMéthode d'agrégation de variables : Applications à la dynamique et à la gestion des populations

Auteur(s)Pr. Ladislao Salmeron, (Universitad de Valencia)



Résumé (en anglais) :

High school students’ reading comprehension on the Internet

As the influence of the Internet grows and more schools get connected to the Net, the use of hypertext and hypermedia documents for children learning is becoming a common practice in high schools. The flexible access to information provided by hypertext and hypermedia systems offers great opportunities for learning to young students, because they can take control of their learning by selecting the contents in a way that fits their learning goals. However, little is known about the reading comprehension mechanisms used by high school students while reading on the Internet. During the last three years we have conducted several studies with around 1000 adolescents aged 12 to 16 aimed at identifying some of those mechanisms. In these experiments students read and answered comprehension questions to several Internet scenarios: Wikipedia documents, Google result lists, Web Forums and Web Portals.  In the talk I will discuss students’ navigation and performance from a developmental perspective. 


Lieu : Cité des sciences et de l'industrie

Horaire : 14h00

Salle :salle Painlevé (niveau -1)